Supra Scissor Light Grey/Navy-white

Low Top

Supra Scissor - a lightweight running inspired trainer.

This version just gets more powerful!  The grey meshed uppers are 3 dimensional patterned all over, including the tongue.  The soles are white, with patterned undersoles.  The laces are navy, and the rear of the heel has a navy suede area, with a grey area above.

The whole body of the uppers on these trainers have a subtle navy effect over the grey. It really does look very good indeed. 

There is some good, subtle Supra branding on the trainers, too, on the tongue, and on the side heel.
Light Grey/Navy-white
suede and mesh
Product Code
  • Type : Low Top
  • Gender : Male
  • Colour : Blue, Grey
  • Brand Names : Supra

Supra Scissor Light Grey/Navy-white from OrangeZone