Supra Scissor Red-Red trainers

Low Top

The Supra Scissor is now a well established player in the field of modern trainers, combining both running and skate ideas together in a trainer that is light and comfortable.

And then, comes this colourway.  Red.  With added red.  And it looks utterly brilliant.  It only ever gets positive comments.  Look, if you do not like red, this may change you.  If you do, you will like this!

With uppers that combine nubuck, jersey and perforated suede, and EVA soles, these are the real deal.

As they would be, from Supra.  
Nubuck, Jersey, Suede
Product Code
  • Type : Low Top
  • Gender : Male
  • Colour : Red
  • Brand Names : Supra

Supra Scissor Red-Red trainers from OrangeZone