The Hoodie. The best clothing invention.

Who remembers the David Cameron 'Hug a Hoodie' campaign?  Awkward.

And there are people out there that think if you are wearing a Hoodie you are on your way to a crime.  Just like a suit means you are on your way to court.

But stop.  Because I reckon the Hoodie is just the best thing ever invented.  It is so adaptable for anything.

It is great on a summers evening if there is a light chill.  Most winter days, it will do nicely.  The hood is mega comfortable.  It is not too hot, either, if the situation improves!  And so much less cumbersome than a coat.

And the styles.  And amazing range are available.  And lots look properly good.  

And you can even get a short sleeved hoodie - check this out!  

Supra Hoodie
And we really enjoy this suedette hoodie from Religion Clothing.

Religion Clothing Hoodie
So let's all give the Hoodie the applause it deserves

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