Modern Luggage from FUL

Iremember my first ever big train trip.  Not just into the town.  This was all the way to Dorset for a week's holiday.

I set off to the station, armed with my luggage for the week.  And that is where we have to pause. 

My luggage for the week.  You will see suitcases like the one I had to carry if you pop into any of the heritage railways stations, where the trains run on steam and somewhere is a trolley full of antique cases. 

And yes.  Carry.  I had to carry it for just over a mile to the station.  I will, to help you grasp this, point out that it was1978. 

So look at the FUL bag with wheels in the picture.  Can you imagine if I had known such wonders lay a short 40 years in the future?  I kid you not,I might have postponed the trip. 

It's not just the wheels, though.  It is the crisp modern look.  My case, 40 years ago, looked like a rough set of points on the journey could have made it fall apart.  The new one looks like I could throw it out the train and it would survive - although I do not recommend that. 

And that is the thing.  Modern luggage is cool.  Strong. Practical.  Better. 

You can get more information on the bag that prompted this by clicking on 
this link.  

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